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The study of chemistry is the study of matter. Matter is defined as any substance that has mass and takes up space. Therefore the study of chemistry includes any thing . One of the few examples of non-matter is energy, such as heat and light. However, most changes in matter include changes in energy, and chemists also study the energy that accompanies the changes in matter (Ch 6 Thermodynamics). Normally, the first steps in studying something are to describe and categorize it. Chemistry is no exception. Matter can be described as having either physical properties or chemical properties. Physical properties can be observed without changing the identity of the substance. Physical properties include such qualities as color, size, and luster. Chemical properties are observed when matter actually changes its identity. For example, a chemical property of water is that electricity can transform it into oxygen gas and hydrogen gas. Chemical and physical properties are used to categorize matter. One category of matter is as either a mixture or a pure substance. Mixtures can be separated physically, that is, the components can be separated without changing their identity. Physical separations can be as simple as sorting M&Ms by color, or they can be more complicated, such as the process of distillation, which requires turning one component into a gas while leaving another in its liquid state. One characteristic of mixtures that is useful to help identify mixtures, is that their composition is variable. For example, a mixture of sugar and water might be very sweet or only slightly sweet. The sugar and the water retain their identities whether they are mixed or not. If you heat the sugar water until all the water is boiled off, the sugar will remain. If you
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cvbilicki_1868 - The study of chemistry is the study of...

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