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ASL First Paper - Write a one-page reaction paper about...

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Unformatted text preview: Write a one-page reaction paper about what you learned through the quiz, add any question(s) that you may have after class, and turn in at the next For me, the Deaf culture quiz was, at the same time, a reinforcement of what I know of the culture and an indication of how much I don’t know. Recently, I have been transfixed by ASL. I think it is a beautiful language, and the close-knit Deaf community has something they should cherish. As much as I thought I knew about the culture, by way of websites like YouTube, I only got half the questions correct on the quiz. This got me thinking that the research I’ve done does not fully paint the picture of what it’s like to be Deaf. No matter how much I read about ASL, or watch videos only pertaining to the language, I won’t fully know and understand the culture without immersing myself in it. There are all sorts of questions that came up during the quiz. immersing myself in it....
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