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Study Topics: Exam #2 Chapter 9 Reasons for cell division; Cell division = mitosis + cytokinesis; cell cycle Forms of DNA (chromatin and condensed) Steps of mitosis (name, major events) Cytokinesis differences in animals & plants Chapter 10 Purpose of meiosis (producing haploid gametes) Steps of meiosis (name, major events); Crossing over & independent assortment Gender determination; Sperm and egg formation Chapter 11 Definitions: genome, gametes, trait, alleles, homozygous, heterozygous, phenotype, genotype, dominant, recessive Mendel’s achievements (2 Laws) and methods (peas as experimental subject) Genetic notation; Punnett squares (simple 4 box) Incomplete dominance Chapter 12 X-linked disorders; pedigrees Human autosomal disorders: sickle-cell anemia, Huntington’s Down syndrome; Turner & Klinefelter syndromes Chapter 15 Restriction enzymes, plasmids, expressing human genes in bacteria (Fig. 15.5) Reproductive cloning (what it is, steps, uses) Stem cells – embryonic and induced pluripotent
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