Hw 3 - I God testing Abraham II Offer Isaac(only son as a burnt offering to Moriah III Isaac and Abraham walk alone leaving behind his men IV

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Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Mr. Irvine Religion 1004-001 8 February 2011 Genesis 17 Two reasons for thinking that the account of the covenant in Genesis 17 derives from the priestly source are quite obvious. The covenant of circumcision is ascribed to the Priestly source. Also, the dietary laws and the emphasis on making a tabernacle according to a divinely revealed plan are all ascribed to the Priestly source.
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Unformatted text preview: I. God testing Abraham II. Offer Isaac (only son) as a burnt offering to Moriah III. Isaac and Abraham walk alone, leaving behind his men IV. Abraham builds the fire V. Sacrificed Isaac-stopped by angel of the Lord VI. Took the Ram from the angel of the Lord as an offering instead of Isaac VII. Angel of the Lord blessed Abraham with an offspring as numerous as the stars...
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