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hw 9 - Solomon’s enthronement It involved David’s...

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Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Mr. Irvin Religion 1004-001 17 March 2011 Many scholars regard 2 Samuel 9-20 + 1 Kings 1-2 as a separate source, and they call it “The Throne Succession Narrative.” Paraphrase (3-5 sentences) McCarter’s main points about the literary growth of this narrative and about the changing purpose(s) of the narrative. Main points were the troubles within David’s family and the rebellions leading to
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Unformatted text preview: Solomon’s enthronement. It involved David’s treatment of Mephibosheth, the Bathsheba affair, Amnon’s rape of Tama, Absalon’s rebellion against David, Sheba’s Rebellion, and the transition to Solomon’s rule. The purpose was a political defense of Solomon’s rise by blaming bloody purge on David, which eliminated the older brothers, “Yahweh loved him”....
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