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hw 13 - Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Mr Irvin Religion...

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Leverette 1 Lacey Leverette Mr. Irvin Religion 1004-001 12 April 2011 Explain (2-3 sentences) the message of Second Isaiah as it concerns the meaning/cause of the Exile (see 42:24-25; 51:17 and 20). In a second paragraph, explain (2-3 sentences) Second Isaiah’s message about the word of Yahweh (see 40:7-8; 46:10-11; and 55:10-11). The message of Second Isaiah concerns the meaning, and cause of the Exile. The present insufficient condition of the people is the result of a history of disloyalty. Jerusalem has been forced to drink from the bitter cup of God’s wrath that resulted in spiritual bafflement; now it is
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