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STUDY GUIDE FOR SECOND TEST Theory of Deuteronomistic History 1. Be able to explain the theory of the Deuteronomistic History (DtrH). Know the following especially. a. What books belong to the DtrH? b. What sweep of history does the DtrH cover? ISRAEL’S HISTORY- FROM THE EVE OF ISRAEL’S ENTRY TO PALESTINE TO BAB EXILE c. Why is the Deuteronomic law code and covenant set at the beginning of DtrH? LAW- STANDARD BY WHICH TO JUDGE ISRAEL d. When did the Dtr editors produce the DtrH? (ca. 560 BCE) 560 BCE, DURING EXILE e. What is the purpose of the DtrH? TO EXPLAIN EXILE, JOSH-2KGS= DEMONSTRATES ISRAEL’S TRANSGRESSION, THE EXILE= DIVINE PUNISHMENT Joshua and Judges and the Settlement 2. Review the speech of God in Joshua 1:2-9. It is a key passage composed by the Dtr editors. What is the theological lesson of the passage? INTRO-CONQUEST AND HAPPY LIFE IN THE LAND DEPENDS ON THE OBEDIENCE TO GOD’S COMMANDMENTS. 3. Describe the overall picture of the settlement in Joshua. ISRAEL=12 UNITED TRIBES, SETTLEMENT=MILITARY INVASION & CONQUEST BY 4. The concept or ideology of holy war is present in the books of Joshua and Judges. Review the major elements/claims of this ideology. (For example, Jahweh fights in the very midst of Israel on the battlefield. Etc.) YAHWEH FIGHTS ON THE BATTLE FIELD- ISRAELITES CLEAN THEMSELVES, YAHWEH GETS ALL CREDIT FOR VICTORY, YAHWEH WINS BY SENDING PANIC ON ENEMY, THE SPOILS OF BATTLE IS DEVOTED TO YAHWEH THROUGH SACRIFICE (SLAUGHTER), AT TIMES ROLE OF DIETY TOTALLY ECLIPSE ANY EFFORT BY ISRAEL 5. The so-called judges (for example, Gideon) were not “judges” in the modern sense of the word. What kind of figures were they? “JUDGE”= A MILITARY HERO OR SAVIOR, OFTEN ENDOWED WITH A DIVINE CHARISMA 6. The Dtr editors construe the history of the Judges era schematically. Know the cyclical pattern: Israel sins, God punishes, and so on. What theological assumption underlines this pattern? Israel sins, Yahweh punishes Israel, Israel repents, Yahweh delivers Israel by raising up a “judge”, Israel has “rest” in the land. THEO ASS: ISRAEL’S FATE IN PALESTINE DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON THE NATION’S FIDELITY TO JAHWEH’S LAW.
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7. Review the major differences between the two pictures of the settlement in the books of Joshua and Judges (specifically, Joshua 1-12 and Judges 1). Does archaeological evidence support or undermine the historical reliability of the Joshua picture. Know the results of excavations at Jericho, Ai, Gibeon, and Hazor. DIFF (JOSH v JUDG): UNITED v SINGLE TRIBES, CONQEST SUCCESSFUL v NOT FULLY SUCCESSFUL, SETTLEMENT BY FORCE RAPIDLY v LARGELY PEACEFUL OVER A LONG TIME ARCH EV: SEVERAL 13 TH CENTURY DESTRUCTION LEVELS IN PAL (HAZOR), BUT NOT MENTIONED IN JOSH (NOT CLEAR BY WHO IF EVEN BY MILITARY), JERICHO-NO EV OF HABITATION IN 13 TH CENT, AI-UNOCCUPIED 2400-1200, GIBEON, LITTLE HABITATION 13 TH
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