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4 0 0 2 g n i r p S M 1 2 1 E S A / K 1 2 2 E S A 5 k r o w e m o H r a e M . E . M Two Dimensional Truss Structures Use MATLAB code developed for analysis of two dimensional trusses to analyze the truss structure shown below. The code consists of a main program called 2Dtruss.m and a function called elem stif.m used for computing a element stiFness matrix, and you can download this code from the webpage: www.ae.utexas.edu/courses/ase221k mear. In this assignment, you are required to submit i) a page including the input data
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Unformatted text preview: and ii) the output results showing the displacements, reactions, and the member forces and stresses. In input data part, you need to follow node and element numbering given in the ±gures. All the elements are made from steel with Young’s modulus E =3x10 4 ksi. The cross-sectional area for element 1-4 and 16-19 is 3.00 in 2 and for element 5-15 is 4.00 in 2 ....
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