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HW-6 - Node Numbering Number the nodes in alphabetical...

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ASE 321K Spring 2006 M . E . M e a r H o m e w o r k 6 Modify the code from HW-4 to handle 3 dimensional space trusses, and analyze the following structure. 2 4 10 10 m A A de ad = = E = 200 GPa for all elements. All other element areas are 2 4 10 30 m . All the supports are completely fixed (no rollers).
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Unformatted text preview: Node Numbering: Number the nodes in alphabetical order so that 'a' is node 1 and 'e' is node 5. Element Numbering: Number the elements in alphabetical order, i.e. 'ad', 'ae', 'bd', . .. , 'de'. Turn in your modified code, inputs, and the outputs....
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