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Chapter 15: Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following is true regarding forward scheduling? Forward scheduling is the scheduling of a. the end items or finished products b. jobs as soon as the requirements are known c. the start items or component parts d. the final operation first beginning with the due date 2. Which of the following best describes how short-term schedules are prepared? Short-term schedules are prepared a. directly from the aggregate plans b. directly from the capacity plans c. from inventory records for items that have been used up d. from master schedules which are derived from aggregate plans 3. Which scheduling technique should be employed when due dates are important for a job order? a. forward scheduling b. loading c. dispatching d. backward scheduling e. master scheduling 4. Which of the following is not an effectiveness criterion for scheduling? a. maximizing flow time b. minimizing completion time c. minimizing WIP inventory d. maximizing utilization 5. Forward scheduling a. begins with a delivery date, then each operation is offset one at a time, in reverse order b. is well suited where the supplier is usually able to meet precise delivery dates c. tends to minimize in-process inventory d. assumes that procurement of material and operations start as soon as requirements are known 6. Which file contains important information regarding an item's flow through the shop? a. routing file b. work center master file c. control files d. item master file 7. Which of these is not part of the planning files of a production planning and control system? a. a progress file b. a work center master file c. an item master file d. a routing file 8. Which of the following files tracks work order progress? a. work center master files b. routing files c. item master files d. control files
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9. The production database containing information about each of the components that a firm produces or purchases is the a. routing file b. work center master file c. control file d. item master file 10. The short-term scheduling activity called loading a. assigns dates to specific jobs or operations steps b. specifies the order in which jobs should be done at each center c. assigns jobs to work centers d. assigns workers to jobs
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Chap15_MC_Questions&Answers - Chapter 15: Multiple...

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