Smede_s_Import_and_Export_-_Part_2 - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Information Management 16.180 Assignment #2 Smede’s Import and Export Emporium – Part #2 Well, so far, so good, you think to yourself. The new network of PCs that you recommended has been purchased and installed. Everyone is raving about the speed of their new machines. Shirley is delighted with the new accounting program, especially with the sales entry taking place by the sales clerks. She doesn’t have to come in on Saturday’s anymore! She is starting to take a real shine to you as a result. Her husband Sam is quite a bit more pleasant these days, with efficiency up and daily backups giving him peace of mind. He has also noticed his phone bill down a lot since George and you started using your internet access and email to communicate with both suppliers and customers. After grumbling once about the cost when signing the cheque, he hasn’t mentioned it since! George loves his laptop and has commented on the fact that he loves having a handle on the inventory when he is on the road. You feel like you’ve dodged a bullet and not only kept your job, but also improved your stature with Mr. and Mrs. Smede. You are thinking that the possibility of someday buying the business has increased. Just as all of these thoughts are passing through your mind, you are brought back to reality by the ringing of your phone. It is Mr. Smede. “I need to talk to you”, he says with some urgency and importance. “Right away”, he adds. You hang up the phone grab a notepad and head down the hall, wondering what could
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Smede_s_Import_and_Export_-_Part_2 - Introduction to...

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