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16 CHAPTER 3 P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT 3.2 Here are some detailed activities to add to Jacobs’ WBS:* 1.11 Set initial goals for fundraising 1.12 Set strategy including identifying sources and solicitation 1.13 Raise the funds 1.21 Identify voters’ concerns 1.22 Analyze competitor’s voting record 1.23 Establish positions on issues 1.31 Hire campaign manager and political advisor 1.32 Get volunteers 1.33 Hire a staff 1.34 Hire media consultants 1.41 Identity Fling deadlines 1.42 ±ile for candidacy 1.51 Train staff for audit planning Many other choices may be made by students. *Source: ModiFed from an example found in M. Hanna and W. Newman Operations Management : Prentice-Hall Upper Saddle River, NJ. (2001): p. 722. 3.3 Critical path is A–C–±–H. Time ± 21 days This is an AON network. 3.4 Critical path is A–C–±–G–I. Time ± 21 days This is an AOA network. 3.5 The paths through this network are: J–L–O, J–M–P,
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