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Chen libo 102000 - Introduction to Information Management...

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Introduction to Information Management 16.180 Assignment #2 Smede’s Import and Export Emporium – Part #2 Name: Chen libo Number: 102000
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Problem/Opportunity According to the situation of Smede’s import and export emporium, the main problems of the company can be summarized as follows: The Company spent a lot on travel costsc sending a sales person to visit its store customers. Also, there is no need to spend a lot on smaller customers. In addition, currently, there is no company in the business that has taken action to inform the customers about its inventory information. While this is an opportunity for Smede; the company is able to pick up many of the competitors’ existing customers. Alternatives There are three alternatives to evaluate. The first alternative to consider is if Smede should build a web site for its customers who want to know the company’s inventory information. Also, the salesman can use e-mail to contact those customers and to answer their questions. The advantage of this alternative is so the customer can constantly be aware of what they have in stock. In addition, it can reduce the travel cost by reducing the frequency of visiting its customers. The disadvantage is that building a web site could result in a passive communication condition, not every customer will click the link. Moreover, the web site only can provide some basic goods information to the audiences, such as picture, price, and brief introduction, so in order to gather more detailed information there must be contact with the salesman.
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