AP2LabReportLab12 - AP-2 Lab Report 12Name:...

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Unformatted text preview: AP-2 Lab Report 12Name: ____________________Section: ___________________The Reproductive SystemPurpose: Please explain the purpose of this lab. Include in your explanation the major concepts you learned and any safety concerns associated with the lab.Exercise 1: Microscopic Investigation of Reproductive StructuresObservations: Sketch each slide below and describe the tissues and structures you observed on each slide.Sketch of TestesSketch of the OvarySketch of Human spermDescribe the structural differences you observed between the sperm and eggs you sawon the slides:Questions:A.Why are the testes located outside of the body in the scrotum?B.What process occurs in the seminiferous tubules?C.Why do sperm and egg go through meiosis?D.Name the various follicles you can find inside a typical ovary.E.How is the endocrine system involved in reproduction?F.What hormones lead to the maturation of both sperm and egg?...
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AP2LabReportLab12 - AP-2 Lab Report 12Name:...

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