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List of Tables & Figures

List of Tables & Figures - Table 4 Essential Areas...

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List of Tables & Figures Figure 1. The Product Life Cycle Figure 2. Sample RMA Data Figure 3. Key External Environments Figure 2. Levels of Competition Figure 3. The Product-Market Grid Figure 4. Perceptual Map of the Automobile Market Figure 5. Collecting Information for Constructing a Perceptual Map Figure 6. Brand Attribute Data for Yogurt Figure 7. Perceptual Map for Yogurt Table 1. Sources and Effects of Political Risk Table 2. Example of the Standard Industrial Classification System Table 3. Customer Substitution in Use Questions
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Unformatted text preview: Table 4. Essential Areas of Information About Competitors Table 5. Essential Questions About Competitors’ Markets & Customers Table 6. Essential Questions About Competitors’ Products & Services Table 7. Essential Questions About Competitors’ Promotion Activities Table 8. Essential Questions About Competitors’ Pricing Activities Table 9. Essential Questions About Competitors’ Distribution Activities Table 10. Possible Competitor Pricing Objectives Table 11. Possible Competitor Pricing Strategies...
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