bio_poster_evaluation - Biocomputing Poster Session...

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Evaluation Sheet Fall 2005 - CSCE 4930.004 / CSCE 5933.007 BIOL 4930.733 / BIOL 5905.733 Dec 9 th , 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Room F204, Research Park You will evaluate the posters of your peers. Use the evaluation criteria on the back of the sheet as your guidance. Good luck! Topic Presenters Points (Max=80) Rank (1-11) Genetic Mutations that Trigger Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Banea, Carmen O'Neill II, Martin Computational Techniques of Protein Folding Boling, Blake Schneider, Tamara Stem Cell Research Carter, Jason Jones, Christopher Evaluating Classifiers for Disease Gene Discovery Coursey, Kino Turnbull, Lon Bioinformatics Research of 1918 Spanish Flu Virus Cuellar, Hector Venkatachalam, Sangeeta Cluster-based Protein Folding Fuller, Douglas McKethan, Brandon High Performance DNA Sequencing Gatti, Robert Lim, Kian-Huat Biology of Memory Johnson, Theo Nguyen, Thuan Correlation between Evolutionary Genomics and Protein-Protein Interaction Kabir, Rezaul Thompson, Brett
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bio_poster_evaluation - Biocomputing Poster Session...

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