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Outline - Chapter 6 Internet Directories& Links Pages...

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A MANAGER'S GUIDE TO BUSINESS RESEARCH ON THE INTERNET PART I -- INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET AS A BUSINESS RESOURCE CHAPTER ONE– INTRODUCTION TO CONDUCTING BUSINESS RESEARCH ON THE WEB About the Internet and World-Wide-Web Overview of Information Sources Get Up and Running on the Web? Choosing an ISP Choosing a Browser Avoiding Viruses Accessing Information on the Web Using Bookmarks to Get Organized Saving and Organizing Information EVALUATING THE QUALITY OF INFORMATION CHAPTER TWO – SEARCH ENGINES & DIRECTORIES The Search Process, Search Engines & Directories Search Engines Directories Searching With Alta Vista Simple Text Searches Narrowing the Alta Vista Search
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Advanced Searches With Alta Vista Searches with Excite Searches with Yahoo Searches with AOL's NetFind Other Search Engines Search Strategies PART II -- MAJOR CATEGORIES OF BUSINESS INFORMATION RESOURCES Chapter 3 -- Corporate Web Pages Chapter 4 -- Government Databases and Resources Chapter 5 -- Commercial Databases
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 -- Internet Directories & Links Pages Chapter 7 -- Electronic Magazines, Newspapers, & Newswires Chapter 8 -- Online Libraries Chapter 9 – Newsgroups, Chatrooms, and Special Interest Pages Chapter 10 -- Information Services, Brokers, and Professional Search Firms Part III -- Focused research areas Chapter 11 -- Finding Information About Your Industry General Areas of Required Information Review Specific Areas & Highlight Major Sources 2 Chapter 12 -- Finding Information About Specific Competitors General Areas of Required Information Review Specific Areas & Highlight Major Sources Chapter 13 -- Finding Information About Markets and Customers General Areas of Required Information REVIEW SPECIFIC AREAS & HIGHLIGHT MAJOR SOURCES CHAPTER 14 -- FINDING FINANCIAL INFORMATION Accounting And Tax Data Financial Markets & Stock Exchanges Part IV – Summary of urls INDEX 3...
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