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BIOL 4770 Current Applications of Biotechnology Spring 2001 Exam I Exam Scoring Record your answers in the spaces provided. If you require more space for any of the essay 1. _______/20 questions, use the back of the page on which the question is printed. Read each question 2. _______/20 carefully. The essay questions often have multiple parts. Make sure you have answered 3. _______/20 each of them so that you will not lose points due to simple omission. The maximum points 4. _______/20 possible on this exam is 100. 5. _______/20 _______/100 Total Points 1. How would the strategy for creating a clone to express a eukaryotic gene in E. coli differ from the strategy used to clone another bacterial gene into the same cell? What are the important considerations? 2. Briefly describe/diagram the process of DNA sequencing developed by Sanger. Draw the results (an autoradiogram for example, or a
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Unformatted text preview: electropherogram if fine if you happen to know what one looks like) showing a 10 bp stretch of sequence and give that sequence below or beside it. 3. What is PCR? Describe/diagram the process and the product. Why is the procedure potentially so useful? What are some examples of applications for this process? 4. In 1973 Cohen and Boyer devised a plan to carry out an experiment, which revolutionized molecular biology and biotechnology. What was this experiment and why was it so important? Diagram the process. 5. Potential Consequences of Biotechnology a. Give 5 examples of potential negative aspects of molecular biotechnology or its applications in today's society (or in the future). b. What are some examples of potentially very positive consequences (opportunities), which may be derived from applications of molecular biotechnology (give 5 examples)?...
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