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Rev Q Exam I S'02 BT text

Rev Q Exam I S'02 BT text - Current Applications of...

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Current Applications of Biotechnology Biology 4770 Review Questions Exam I Spring 2002 1. In 1973 Cohen and Boyer devised a plan to carry out an experiment, which revolutionized molecular biology and biotechnology. What was this experiment and why was it so important? Diagram the process. 2. How has the field of biotechnology been by changed Cohen and Buyers work? What are some examples of traditional applications of biotechnology (i.e. what was called biotechnology) as compared to what is generally meant by biotechnology in the post 1973 world. 3. How and why has recombinant DNA technology impacted biotechnology? 4. Give 5 examples of potential negative aspects of molecular biotechnology or its applications in today's society (or in the future). 5. What are some examples of potentially very positive consequences (opportunities, which may be derived from applications of molecular biotechnology (give 5 examples)? 6. What are restriction endonucleases (type II for the pure at heart)
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