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Spring 2005 Exam II Review Questions Chapter 6 1. What are some of the important considerations (features, properties, etc. of cloned genes or vector which may be manipulated) in order to optimize the expression of cloned genes in prokaryotes? 2. Explain the importance of ________ in your choice of expression vectors (what is the function of each and why are or can they be important/necessary). a. promoter (strength, regulation) b. ribosome binding sites c. transcriptional terminators d. origin of replication e. multiple cloning site f. selectable markers g. vector copy number 3. What is a fusion protein? Why are these often useful intermediates in the process of making certain proteins by recombinant DNA technology (several examples)? Give an example of how the desired protein may be released from a fusion protein. 4. Give an example of two regulatable promoters used in expression vectors for prokaryotes and describe the advantages or disadvantages of each. 5. Describe/diagram a vector and the process used to achieve integration of a cloned gene into the host cell’s chromosome 6. Give an example of genetic engineering that can lead to increased stability of the protein product. 7. What “engineering” of a gene may be required for a protein to be secreted from a cell? What might you do to increase the secretion of a cloned protein by a bacterial system? 8. What is a “tandem array”, how are they created and how can they be used to increase gene expression? 9. What is meant by a surface display? Describe/diagram a protocol to create one. 10. Why is tryptophan a useful molecule to regulate high-level expression vectors? Describe/diagram a system that uses this approach. 11.
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Rev Q Exam II S'05 (4770) - Biology 4770 Current...

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