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Rev Q Exam III spr'02 BT text - Current Applications of...

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Current Applications of Biotechnology Biology 4770 Review Questions - Exam III Spring 2002 1. What is a monoclonal antibody and how are they made (explain and diagram the process). 2. Describe/explain/diagram an example of a DNA-based diagnostic system for detecting an infectious disease. 3. Describe/diagram how biotin can be used in a nonradioactive hydrization procedure to detect the presence of specific DNAs. 4. What is a molecular beacon and how do they work (diagram/explain)? 5. What is a RAPD and how are they used in DNA profiling (diagram/explain an example)? 6. Diagram/explain a protocol of how PCR can be utilized to screen for a genetic disease such as sickle cell anemia. 7. You must clone and express the DNA sequence encoding a human interferon. You do no know the protein or nucleotide sequence and you don't have a nucleic acid probe for the gene. You do have a cell line, which expresses the gene at a good level and a bioassay for the product. Describe/diagram a protocol for isolating this gene. Give important properties of all vectors used. Also give major enzymes and cofactors or other important reagents (substrates, etc.) used in this procedure. 8. Using human growth hormone as an example, how/why might you want to engineer a protein to be used as a pharmaceutical (diagram/explain)? 9. How/why are DNase I and alginase used as pharmaceuticals? How/why might you want to engineer alginase to be used as a pharmaceutical (diagram/explain)? 10. Describe/diagram a protocol for producing indigo using genetically engineered E. coli. What is a bioreactor? Diagram an example of one and explain how it might be used here? Why is generally better to engineer one microbial strain to carry all necessary genes rather than using two or three strains, each carrying a portion of the pathway? 11. Describe/diagram a strategy for making new antibiotics using microbial enzymes/pathways. Why might this be even more important in the future? 12.
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Rev Q Exam III spr'02 BT text - Current Applications of...

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