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BIOL/BIOC 4570 and BIOL 5340 Biochem. and Mol. Biol. of the Gene Exam I,Spring 2002 Exam Scoring Record your answers in the spaces provided. If you require more space for any of the essay 1. _______/10 questions, use the back of the page on which the question is printed. Read each question 2. _______/20 carefully. The essay questions often have multiple parts. Make sure you have answered 3. _______/30 each of them so that you will not lose points due to simple omission. The maximum points 4. _______/15 possible on this exam is 105 (including 5 bonus points) 5. _______/10 6. _______/20 ______/110 Total Points 1. Short Answer Questions (2 pts each) - briefly describe, explain or define as appropriate (in the context of molecular biology). a. antiparallel b. degenerate c. polycistronic d. viroid e. non-Mendelian/cytoplasmic inheritance 2. (20 pts) Describe (and provide results for) the Hershey-Chase experiment and give its conclusions. 3.
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