Biology 3451 Exam II F'05

Biology 3451 Exam II F'05 - Biology 3451 Exam II, Fall `05...

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Biology 3451 Name:_____________________________ Exam II, Fall ‘05 Read all of the possible answers for each question before choosing the BEST ANSWER. You may write on the exam as you wish but it must be turned in with the Scantron before you leave. 1. Three genes, designated moe , lry and crl , have been mapped to Drosophila autosome number 2. A moe lry crl (NOTE this may not be the correct order) fly was crossed to a + + + fly. One of the resulting female offspring was testcrossed to a male true breeding moe lry crl fly. The results for the offspring of the testcross are given in the table below (the boxes at right are for your use). What is the correct order of these 3 genes on the chromosome? Offspring Phenotype Number Total and % Exchange Classification moe lry crl + + + 300 300 600 30% moe + crl + lry + 100 100 200 10% moe lry + + + crl 400 400 800 40% + lry crl moe + + 200 200 400 20% a. moe lry crl b. lry crl moe c. crl moe lry d. moe crl lry e. Only moe and crl are linked on this chromosome . 2. Yellow body ( y ) and singed bristles ( sn ) are both recessive alleles at there respective loci in Drosophila . However, Stern observed that female Drosophila heterozygous for both yellow body ( y ) and singed bristles ( sn ) sometimes possessed patches of tissue expressing yellow and/or singed phenotypes. This was determined to be the result of: a. meiotic segregation. b. independent assortment. c. mitotic recombination. d. a three-point cross. e. a double crossover in prophase I.
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3. The cells lines derived from mouse/human somatic cell hybridization experiments were often used to localize human genes to specific chromosomes. The results of such an experiment are given below. An X or a (-) means that the particular human chromosome is either present (X) or absent from that cell line. Chromosome numbers are listed at top. Based upon these results the gene in question appears to be encoded on chromosome: Cell Line 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Gene/product present 41 X X X X X No 72 X X X X X Yes 87 X X X X No a. 1. b. 2. c. 4. d. 6. e. None of the above is a correct answer (it is on another chromosome). 4. Genetic information is transferred from one bacterial cell to another by means of a bacteriophage. This is an example of: a. transformation. b. conjugation. c. prototrophy. d. autotrophy. e. transduction. 5. Three genes are on the same chromosome in the order abc def ghi . The recombination frequency between locus abc and def is 0.2. The recombination frequency between locus def and ghi is 0.6. It is subsequently determined that the double crossover frequency between abc and ghi (separating the allele at def from the alleles at abc and ghi on this chromosome) is 0.06. This is an example of: a. allelic complementation. b.
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Biology 3451 Exam II F'05 - Biology 3451 Exam II, Fall `05...

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