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David Chapter 16 mod - Chapter 16 USING INTERNATIONAL...

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Chapter 16 U SING I NTERNATIONAL L OGISTICS F OR C OMPETITIVE A DVANTAGE LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of this chapter the student should be able to: 1 Identify characteristics of good written communication. 2 Identify characteristics of good oral communication. 3 Identify characteristics of the good usage of weights and measures (metric system). 4 Identify the importance of cultural sensitivity. 5 Review specific advice given in preceding chapters. PREVIEW This chapter is more prescriptive than the preceding fifteen, which were mostly descriptive; it was written with the idea that there are some “good practices” in international logistics that students should be aware of. In particular, the chapter focuses on good written and oral communication with the introductions of “International English” and of “Special English.” It also emphasize the fact that the United States is the sole country in the world to not use the metric system, which is a competitive disadvantage for exporters, and that they should adopt it for all of their export sales. Finally, the chapter briefly re-emphasizes the importance of good intercultural sensitivity, and restates the prescriptive advice given in the chapters on Incoterms, terms of payment, currency of transaction, and packaging.
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14-2 Chapter 14 International Logistics Infrastructure CHAPTER OUTLINE 16-1 Communication Challenges I. Language barriers a. People communicate in a foreign language. b. All communication takes place through impersonal means (e-mail, fax, letters). c. No immediate feedback (time differences, lag between questions and answers) II. English has become “everybody’s second language.” a. Many languages are much more difficult to learn than English. b. Native speakers of English have an advantage. c. Native speakers of English need to be careful in their communications. 16-2 International English I. A technique of written communication in the English language, developed by Edmond Weiss II. It consists of removing all possible ambiguities, so that the communication can be understood by someone with a limited knowledge of English. III.
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David Chapter 16 mod - Chapter 16 USING INTERNATIONAL...

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