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Research Evolutionary Model Deterministic Stochastic Unknown Every topic has three domains of knowledge - Pushing the boundaries to the right – Advancing what is known in a topic Deterministic : Known at a causal level; explained variation or behavior; “complete covariance” description Stochastic : Not yet known at a causal level; correlational description of behavior, unexplained variance; modeled as random process(es) Unknown : Not yet described at a categorical level; uncertainty even at an observational level Objective/Phase Paradigm Logic/Theory Hypotheses Data Method Causality OBSERVATION “Facts” Qualitative Inductive “Presence of A” Field or Natural Pre-Experiments Ethnography Phenomenology Case Study CONSTRUCT VALIDITY - Convergent CATEGORIZATION “Characteristics” “Descriptive” T Building “Presence of A distinct from B” Setting Content Analysis Grounded Theory Historical - Divergent RATIONALITY - a priori - falsifiability CORRELATION “Associations” Quantitative
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