ExcelHW1 - MKTG 3700 Spring 2011 Note This is a Graded...

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MKTG 3700 Spring 2011 Note: This is a Graded Assignment worth 100/1000 or 10% of the Semester Course Total Excel Homework Assignment # 1: Due: 4 p.m. 09 feb 2011 Grace Deadline: 4 p.m. 10 feb 2011 (MUST submit hardcopy to drop off box in BA 238) For this homework, you are required to solve five mini-cases, using professor pre-designed Excel workbooks. At least three of these cases have been worked out in detail in class/in the web modules. The Adobe solutions for all 5 cases (but not the Adobe formulae) are also available as hyperlinks in the Blackboard modules and the S: drive. Your task is to obtain the same answers as in the solutions, using your Excel formulae. Note that Excel answers may differ from those obtained when done by hand, because of rounding in the latter. You may consult each other in person, and ask questions via the Blackboard Discussion Area. Study groups, helping your fellow student do something etc are all OK. Just do not simply copy someone else’s work. That is all! The following grading aspects, which, depending upon their severity, may cost you half of or a full letter grade each ! Hence, please be very careful! Same numbers Correct cell formatting of the numerical worksheet Correctly producing the formula worksheet Correct print formatting Packaging of this assignment should conform to specs and look neat! Sloppiness WILL be penalized! The five cases are as follows. Module Slide# Case or Problem AV? Remarks 01 54 Swaaguth Inc Yes Weighted Average 02 23 Graham Manufacturing Co Yes CoGS 02 36 Clear Voice Inc Yes Proforma Income Statement 02 43 Oswald Eyewear Inc No Index Numbers 02 49 Bountiful Bakery Inc No Index Numbers You MUST use this semester’s blank Excel workbooks for all 5 cases. These are available at : 1. The S: drive lab location, accessible via Blackboard, under the folder XL#1due09feb2011
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ExcelHW1 - MKTG 3700 Spring 2011 Note This is a Graded...

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