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TIP 2: HOW TO FORMAT AND THEN PRINT AN EXCEL WORKSHEET? note: It is assumed that you know how to locate various Excel icons and place them on the Quick Access Tool Bar. If not, please watch the short Audio+Video called QAT. If your worksheet ranges between A1 and G60, it will print OK in Portrait Orientation, default font. If it exceeds 70 rows, you will probably need to break it up into Inputs and Outputs and print these on separate pages. Between 60 and 70, it is your judgment! Sometimes, Landscape might be appropriate. It is a matter of clarity and aesthetic judgment! Paint the range to be printed: e.g. A5 thru G60. Then click the Set Print Area icon under the Page Layout tab. Why not A1 thru G60? I shall explain in a moment! Go to the Page Setup dialog box. On the Page tab, Page-Fit to 1 page On the Margins tab: Center Horizontally and Vertically On the Header Footer tab: Apply as specified in assignments. Notice that you have three
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Unformatted text preview: separate panels each for header and footer, allowing six different pieces of information. On the Sheet tab: apply grid lines, row and column headers, B&W printout. Do not check B&W if you intend to print in color, not required for this class. Would be a good idea to repeat the title box (typically the first four rows 1 thru 4), on all printed pages. Do as follows: On the Sheet tab again, go to the “rows to repeat at the top” box. Specify $1:$4. This means row 1 through 4. This makes rows 1 thru 4 to print on ALL pages in a multi-page printout of long worksheets. That is why in specifying the print range, you OMIT rows 1 through 4; else they will print twice! Use the Print Preview icon to look at how it will all print on paper. Use the Page SetUp button under Preview to fix anything you forgot, EXCEPT the rows to repeat at the top. Otherwise, resave your .xls file (saves Print formatting information). Then, Print it!...
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