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TIP 3: HOW TO PRINT A FORMULA WORKSHEET? note: It is assumed that you know how to locate various Excel icons and place them on the Quick Access Tool Bar. If not, please watch the short Audio+Video called QAT. You have one more thing to do with your completed worksheet. Produce a formula worksheet! What is a formula worksheet? Same as the completed numerical worksheet, except, the cells that contain formulae i.e. the output cells in our worksheets, no longer display the numbers. Instead, they show the formulae. Cells that contain numbers, that is our input cells, lose their formatting in a formula worksheet. Thus, there are no dollar signs, percentages etc. Every completed numeric worksheet has a corresponding formula worksheet. The formula worksheet is an excellent diagnostic device. It is also very useful in explaining the HOW of your answers, to another person or an audience Producing the formula worksheet is very easy! Simply click Control + ~ (the Tilde character). The ~ character maybe found on most standard
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