prokaryote outline

prokaryote outline - ProkaryoteOldest structurally simplest...

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Prokaryote- Oldest structurally simplest and most abundant forms of life Dominated life on Earth for more that 1 billion years before eukaryotes Two domains Bacteria Archaea Unicellular-virtually all are single celled Single circular chromosome in a nucleoid region, no membrane bound nucleus No sexual reporduction Reproduce by binary fission Genetic diversity is from mutations and horizontal gene transfer No membrane bound organelles Has ribosomes 3 basic shapes Bicillus-rod shaped Coccus-spherical Spirillum-spiral shaped Gram Positive purple Thick layer of peptidoglycan chains Single layer of many cross linked chains Gram negative Thinner peptidoglycan layer pink Gram staining Crystal violet and counter stain Eukaryote Unicellular-multi or single Have a nucleus and cytoskeleton No cell well Only paraphyletic group Theory of endosymbiosis-mitochondria and other organelles were acquired by aerobic eukaryotic cell engulfing the photosynthetic cyanobacterium Protists All symmetries:radial, bilateral, asymmetric
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prokaryote outline - ProkaryoteOldest structurally simplest...

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