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UE 0854 Education in the Global City, Spring 2010 Final Portfolio Information and Advocacy Symposium Advocacy Paper & Final Portfolio The final portfolio should include: Visually Engaging Cover Page Table of Contents Advocacy Paper Copy of a 2-3 PowerPoint Slides introducing your group’s project. Slides from all of the projects will be compiled and displayed during the Advocacy Forum on December 17th. Slides should be the same for every member of the group ( please email an electronic copy to Catie at or Laura at by 05.07 as well ). Project Artifacts (pictures, field notes, interview notes, organizational brochures, etc.) Advocacy Paper This six to eight page paper is the culmination of the course. The advocacy paper is a research-based paper that grows out of the issue/problem that your group chose to address. Your paper should be based on a combination of academic sources, library-based research, observations, field notes and
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FinalProject&Portfolio_Spring2010 - UE 0854...

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