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UE 0854 Education in the Global City, Spring 2010 Reflection Paper #2 / All Sections COMPLICATING GLOBALIZATION Using the readings by Friedman (The World is Flat) and Gutek (American Education in a Global Society) to support your ideas, discuss the concept of globalization— paying particular attention to how it works . ** Note, please go to AMAZON.COM to get the information you need to properly reference both authors using APA. *** For a basic APA on-line reference guide, go to
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Unformatted text preview: : Author’s last name, then initials . (Year of publication) . Title of book -italicized ; Place of publication (usually just the city, but include the state or country if the place of publication is not a major city): Publishing company . For Example : Hargreaves, A. (2003) . Education in the knowledge society: Education in the age of insecurity . Philadelphia : Open University Press ....
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