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feuilles-d'exercices-ch1-F-G-H - Nom Date Cours Les...

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Nom_______________________________________________ Date_____________________ Cours__________________ Les Adjectifs! La Mode! F. Je suis . . . You are meeting someone in person at a café for the first time later today to exchange French/English lessons. Compose a description of yourself in an email message so that your conversation partner will recognize you. Bonjour! Je suis très content(e) de faire ta connaissance aujourd’hui [today]. Pour t’aider à me reconnaître, je suis _________________________________________ et _________________________________________. J’ai les yeux ___________________________________________ et les cheveux ___________________________________________. Comment es-tu? A plus! __________________________________________ (your name) G. Portraits. Write at least two adjectives or descriptive expressions to complete sentences describing the famous people below. Pay close attention to agreement. 1. Will Ferrell ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____ . 2. Kanye West __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____ . 3. Barbara Walters _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____ .
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H. La mode sur le campus. A French student coming to study at Temple
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