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bm lesson 1

bm lesson 1 - Brain Matters An Introduction The brain and...

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Unformatted text preview: Brain Matters An Introduction The brain and exercise Maximizes heart and lung efficiency which improves brain function Yoga exercise Neurons Cannot be seen with the naked eye Most efficient form of imaging is the MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, which can study two millimeters of brain tissue. In this are hundreds of neurons Through adolescence, we lose neurons we don't need and develop what we do, and form our differentiated brains Neurobic exercise It's important to keep your brain active by "exercising" it Force inactive neural circuits to run Stroke HW assignment Different sensory information correlates to different brain areas Learning styles Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic We use a combination Adults--65% visual, 30% auditory, 5% kinesthetic Questionnaire--which are you?? Utilizing more modalities activates more circuits The more activation, the better the retrieval ...
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