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Unformatted text preview: Brain Matters Relax! Exercise The energizer Yawning! Releases back and abdomen muscles Also relaxes spine/vertebrae Oxygen to brain Review from last week Memory Fire Drill What did you find? What did you save? Timing? This week's neurobic exercise Find some quiet time Use relaxing stimuli for different senses Eg smells, sounds Stress! Be aware of your own stress level Stress negatively effects memory Deleterious effects>cognition Slow wave of hormones called glucocorticoids High levels=inhibit memory, toxic for neurons Gluc hormones release cortisol, which reduces blood sugar to hippocampus. Dysfunction in hippocampus prevents long term memories Stress Management Figure out what's stressing you, and fix it if you can! Remove, reduce, or restructure Coping Style Quiz Alzheimer's Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive degeneration of cognitive and eventually physical capacity Through an autopsy of this patients brain Alzheimer identified neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques in her brain This work reported in 1906 distinguished Alzheimer's Disease from Cerebrovascular Dementia Alzheimer's cont'd Alzheimer's Disease can only be diagnosed postmortem Prevalence estimates vary but one estimate reports: Ages 6574 3% of individuals have AD Ages 7584 18.7% of individuals have AD Age 85 and over 47.2% of individuals have AD Drugs used to treat memory loss and cognitive impairment in AD include: Aricept & Reminyl Next week Relaxation exercise ...
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