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lesson 7 food brain matters - Brain Matters Food for Memory...

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Unformatted text preview: Brain Matters Food for Memory Exercise T'ai Chi stretches Back and arm flexibility Review from last week: Did anybody meditate? What did you do? Did it work? This week's exercise Wake up to a new smell Replace usual smell (eg coffee, eggs) with a new one How food affects the brain Nutrition is important for memory Memory is directly effected by nutrition, because our food gives us caloric energy Hunger/unhealthy diet can cause confusion, mild dementia, and atrophy of brain Korsakoff's syndrome--poor nutrition and lack of thiamin, vitamin B1 Needed for metabolism carbohydrates and amino acids for energy Atrophy in frontal lobes and nuclei in the thalamus confablutation--covering up memory loss Oliver Sacks--Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Dieting trap Quantity v. quality What's best? Healthy, well balanced diet Fish twice a week Eat often H2O! Multivitamin Antioxidants Limit caffeine Sugar is not your friend Watch the alcohol Be skeptical Next week T'ai Chi Smell exercise ...
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