Ch 5 BOP Practice Problem Set 4 SOL (1)

Ch 5 BOP Practice Problem Set 4 SOL (1) - Credit Capital...

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BOP Practice Problems Set #4: Solutions Transactions Debit / Credit Account: Merchandise / Service / Net Investment Income / Unilateral Transfer / Capital / Official Reserve 1. Licensing fees earned by IBM Credit Service 2. Spending by Japanese at Disneyland Credit Service 3. Investments in Plant expansion in Ohio by Honda Credit Capital 4. Sales of wheat to GB Credit Merchandise 5. Sales of Phantom jets to Canada Credit Merchandise 6. Purchase of oil from Saudi Arabia Debit Merchandise 7. Profits on sales by Nestle’s US affiliate Debit Net investment income 8. Purchase of Japanese automobiles Debit Merchandise 9. Hotel bills of US tourists in Paris Debit Service 10. Remittances by Mexican Americans to relatives in Mexico Debit Unilateral transfers 11. Social Security Payments to Americans living in Italy Debit Unilateral transfers 12. Purchase by the French of IBM stocks Credit Capital 13. Interest earnings on loans to Argentina Credit Net investment income 14. Payments to Filipino workers at US bases in Phillippines Debit Service 15. Increase in New York bank deposits by Saudi Arabia Govt
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Unformatted text preview: Credit Capital 16. Deposits of funds by the US Treasury in British banks Debit Capital 17. Profits on US-owned auto plants abroad Credit Net investment income 18. Sales of computer to Germany Credit Merchandise 19. New investment in a German Chemical plant by Dupont Debit Capital 20. Increase in US bank loans to Mexico Debit Capital 21. Deposits in Swiss banks by Americans Debit Capital 22. Purchases of Japanese stocks and bonds by Americans Debit Capital 23. Economic aid to Pakistan Debit Unilateral transfers 24. Purchase by Japanese of US real estate Credit Capital 25. Increase in Arab bank deposits in New York Credit Capital 26. Purchase of US Treasury Bonds by Bank of Japan Credit Capital 27. Purchase of Swiss-franc bonds by the Federal Reserve Debit Capital 28. Purchase of gold by US Treasury Debit Official Reserve 29. Increase in holding of Japanese yen by Federal Reserve Debit Official Reserve...
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