Political Science 1336 Exam 2 Review

Political Science 1336 Exam 2 Review - Political Science...

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Political Science 1336 Exam 2 Review POLS 1336 15590-19253 Part one: Political Culture : Given cultural constraints, who can and cannot potentially win the presidency (think about race, gender, religion, etc.)? A) Muslim, Black in race, women, Immoral Person, Gay, Communist and Socialist Ideology, Interest Groups, Minorities, Poor, atheist and etc. Why are conservatives more vulnerable to charges of racism than liberals? A) Historical these were the people who fought against civil rights and did not want to implement them in United States in 60’s other than that historically they were also against the affirmative action and welfare programs that would have helped blacks and other minorities survive in the corporate world and have better lives which would give them better opportunity for education and bring them out of poverty. B) Modern day conservatives do not deny these rights but it’s a cover for their intent, and it is hard to tell who racists are and who are not. What issue best describes the religious v. secular split in America? A) Gay marriage and Prohibition issue of Alcohol Lasted over 100 years. Then we have divorce rate, pornography, and gay lifestyle. Our Morals are derived from the religion but our government is secular having Separation of Church and State. Mostly people are religious in America yet they are tolerant. Examples of Behaviors that were once illegal but are legal and tolerated now? A) Civil Liberties, Alcohol Consumption, Religion other than Christianity, Being gay, Pornography, Divorce, Fornication. Birth Control (contraceptives and Condoms), War Protests, and Freedom of Expression, Legality of Abortion, Who would fit the profile of a client whose cause the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) might champion? A) Terrorist, Communist, Atheist, American-Indians, K.K.K, Flag Burners and generally any undesirable who thinks that his/her civil rights are being violated. List some Controversial Policies that a President peruses to ensure a growing economy at home? A) To Facilitate the Commerce: Government built canals, Bridges, and roads in 1830’s
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B) To Regulate Business men the government power was increase to control the higher class. C) FDR’S Social Security Program D) Government injected Billions of Dollars in the bank and has taken owner ship of home owner lenders. Owns 80% of AIG, 60% of General Motors. This expanded governmental powers. The owner ship of corporate businesses, distribution of pay, controlling business men, and intervening in business are all ultimately related to socialism. We are 22% Socialist. E) Extending equality under law to the extent of wealth and income distribution. F) To conclude people are over all for capitalism and don’t realize the fact that the minimum wage and healthcare policies are socialist. How do cultural beliefs in equality and individualism affect the direction of
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Political Science 1336 Exam 2 Review - Political Science...

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