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critical analysis 5-3

critical analysis 5-3 - explained the importance and impact...

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William Fu Fu, 1 Mia English 131 02/5/10 Analysis of Constructions of Illusions Ramamurthy’s reading was an easier read than Berger’s reading despite Ramamurthy’s audience not seemingly intended for college students. The content seemed directed towards individuals already familiar with the world of photography and its works. I came to this conclusion because I simply did not know of any of the examples of arts, works, and other related scholars. For example, she refers to The Vogue Book of Fashion Photography , major Victoria, Albert Museum Exhibition and its accompanying catalogue as testament to a conflict. On the other hand I think she supported and explained her claims very well. For example the first advertisement of Elizabeth Taylor depicted every aspect of the picture part by part and
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Unformatted text preview: explained the importance and impact of each part of the picture. I did find it odd that with so much detail of this picture that she did not include the picture itself so the reader could see and understand better. This may have been to increase her validity in her and lessen the possibility of an oppositional view. The part that I found most interesting in her writing was the commercial photography’s ability to hide the negative connotations involved with the picture. This can be seen best through The New Housekeeping and its lamb dish. Ramamurthy writes about lamb dish’s lack of negative and even neutral connotations, such as cost, number of servings, and practical information, so that all that is left is the positive connotations that is decoded by the reader....
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