quiz # 1 review - Architecture terms: Plan: top view, gives...

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Architecture terms: - Plan: top view, gives width and length but not height, walls cut through are darkened - Section: side view, gives height and one other dimension, ground view - Elevation: a drawing of the front, side, or back of a house or other buidling - Façade: external face or elevation of a building especially the front of the building - Scale: size of a building with reference to model or unit of measurement - Post: post - Lintel: beam Ei. trilithons - Beam: a long, sturdy piece of squared timber usually to support roof or floor - Menhir: individual standing stone - Adobe: ( sun-baked mud) Ei. Southwest US desert - Tipi, teepee: wool and wood - Longhouse: the Northwest Coast’s longest building for multiple family dwelling as well as ceremony - Mastaba: benched-shaped tomb form model for Zoser’s pyramid (stepped pyramid was series of mastabas) - Pyramid: solid with almost no interior space. - Pylon: an Egyptian characteristic tall wall like a gateway - Axis: organizes the plan, in section spaces change height from high to low - Capital: the part that stands at the head - Hypostyle hall: dark, enclosed space with enormous columns covered with relief hieroglyphs. - Relief sculpture: sculptured artwork where a modeled form is raised or sunkened - Ziggurat: stepped pyramid, - Moat - Fresco: a painting done on wet plaster in watercolor on wall or ceiling(dries permanently) - Courtyard or court:
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- Acropolis: Acro = high, polis = city, city on top of a hill - Megaron: throne room - Columns in antis: strong posts at the edges and something holding up the middle List of Buildings and sites: - Prehistory: the earliest architecture but before civilization recorded its own history, primitive = first -Primitive Architecture: straightforward construction techniques buildings are largely responsive to their environment Carnac, France
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quiz # 1 review - Architecture terms: Plan: top view, gives...

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