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William Fu Fu, 1 Mia Sakai Malhotra English 131 27/04/2010 Writer’s Memo My relationship to New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina is both interest and sympathy for other people. Hurricane Katrina was one of the worse natural disasters. I want to know what is going on in Louisiana, how the government is helping its citizens, and the effects of the hurricane. Also any possible ways I could help, mostly through donations or volunteer work. The method of research is through media directed toward the masses. This includes the news, both televised and editorials, websites, organizations, political figures, and encyclopedias. The weaknesses of this paper are the poor supports for the claims and a large amount of rambling which does not directly relate. This can be fixed through revision of the paper once I understand what I message I am trying to convey better. My paper also is an obvious five paragraph paper which is what I must break out of. A lack of variety of sources is also a weakness, considering they are all from the internet. In addition the diction used is rudementary and is repetitive. The strengths of this paper are including quotes and information from sources that relate to the paper and thesis. Also it has a sense of organization that follows the thesis statement, the crime part of society is questionable though.
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Fu, 2 Good Bye New Orleans? The news of Hurricane Katrina was heard all around the globe as it hit Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Its devastation led to the single worst environmental catastrophe to affect the United States as a result of a natural tragedy. That is to be expected from the costliest, deadliest and worst U.S. hurricane since 1928. Its storm surges began overwhelming the levees and floodwalls protecting the city of New Orleans, greatly exacerbating the minimal damage from rainfall and wind. With thousands of homes leveled, vehicles swept away or submerged, roughly fifteen hundred dead, and a city in ruins, recovery is steep. CNN lead news presenter Anderson Cooper, who was in Sri Lanka covering the
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katrina final - William Fu Fu 1 Mia Sakai Malhotra English...

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