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Learning Team 1 Learning Team Fred Johnson University of Phoenix
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Learning Team 2 Learning Team Robbins and Judge states “selecting positive team members can have a contagious effect as positive moods transmit from team member to team member” (2007, p.19). Fred Johnson, Kelly Boso, and Kaira Carter are three positive and talented individuals who make-up team Learning Team A. They have known each other for almost six months and have communicated personally with one another outside of the classroom settings. They have worked together on several learning team assignments and are aware of each other’s personality, work ethics, and values. Learning Team A has an effective learning team charter that they constructed in their previous class. This team charter addresses several approaches in resolving team conflicts, understanding work expectations, and listing each team member’s skill and abilities to improve the team’s performance. Referring to this learning team charter is part of the action plan in addressing the differences in each group member’s behaviors. The other part of the plan is recognizing and adjusting toward the members’ emotional intelligence (ei); which Johnson, Carter, and Boso scored 43, 39, and 38, respectively. EI is defined in chapter seven of Organizational Behavior as “ones ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information” (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p.12). Understanding each members behaviors and implementing this plan will increase the team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance of projects. Setting attitude to motivate members
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team a - Learning Team 1 Learning Team Fred Johnson...

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