Challenges of Groups

Challenges of Groups - Groups and Teams 1 Groups and Teams...

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Groups and Teams 1 Groups and Teams Fred Johnson University of Phoenix
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Groups and Teams 2 Groups and Teams Learning Team A came together to discuss various issues within groups and teams. These members discuss benefits and challenges of teams and groups in the perspective of how these issues affect communication, collaboration, and conflict. This discussion resulted in a training plan that could have been applied to Enron’s situation to help their organization to succeed. Enron’s top management did not communicate effectively among each other and between departments. Enron’s legal and accounting team, human resources department, and top management were not communicating efficiently to each other to keep top leadership within Enron’s ethical and moral standards. The CEO and CFO were capitalizing personally and monetarily on the behalf of Enron and its employees. Enron’s unique challenge is to get these departments to function more like a team than a group. Learning Team A suggests a manager from each department would make up an Ethical in Performance management team (EPM) within Enron. This new EPM program would bring cohesion to Enron because the training plan consist of workshops that incorporate methods of identifying and reporting unethical behaviors, accessing the various channels available for communication, and embracing the importance of a diverse workforce. This action plan is to get the group members into a comfort zone among one
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Challenges of Groups - Groups and Teams 1 Groups and Teams...

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