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Short Answer (40 points) Please answer questions concisely and write clearly. Geoffrey, a 4.5 month boy, was admitted to the pediatric neurology clinic with developmental delay and an abnormal physical examination. He was born to a 36-year old mother with a history of alcohol and drug abuse. It was confirmed that his mother was taking methadone (i.e. opiate) when pregnancy was confirmed at approximately 8 weeks, yet she discontinued soon thereafter. She was also diagnosed with hepatitis C during the pregnancy, and was treated during the last 4 weeks of gestation. Upon birth, the baby was treated for respiratory distress and admitted to the newborn intensive care unit. Geoffrey was discharged 6 days later and was feeding normally. At two months, Geoffrey was admitted to the hospital with abrasions over the left frontal scalp. Compute tomography (CT) revealed potential lesions in the white matter of the cerebrum, particularly near the internal capsule. There was no evidence of subdural hematoma or cerebral contusion. He was discharged soon thereafter. At 4 months, Geoffrey was irritable with decreased interaction and smiling. He was intermittently cranky, startled easily to loud sounds, occasionally arched his back, and exhibited spasticity. He smiled, tracked, and looked around, but he did not laugh, reach for objects, or roll over. Geoffrey’s head circumference was 40.5 cm (5th - 10th percentile), weight 4.9 kg (< 3rd percentile), and length
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1110%20Exam%203%20Practice%20Problems%20-%20Fall%202010 -...

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