Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology - with 23 chromosomes Mutation-only...

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Prokaryotic Eukaryotic-multicellular DNA can’t pass through the nuclear membrane-that’s why messenger RNA exists Protein synthesis 2 types of cells-somatic cells: used for repair, replaces body cells-must be duplicated exactly -gametes (sex cell): SOMATIC-mitosis=one cell division which results in two identical daughter cells, each with 46 chromosomes GAMETES-meiosis=two cell divisions which results in four daughter cells, each
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Unformatted text preview: with 23 chromosomes Mutation-only source of new variation AT CG Evolutionary Forces-Lemarque-organisms are a product of their environment-mutation-natural Selection-gene flow-“where armies go, genes flow”-genetic drift-changing ability, might eliminate certain traits from a population Malthas-scarcity of resources which leads to competition...
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