2 - Mendel-mathematician/very intelligent-chose pea plants...

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Mendel-mathematician/very intelligent-chose pea plants because they self- pollinate-used cross pollination-punnet squares Mendelian-simple inheritance-no in-between inheritance: Traits that are not as likely to be influenced by the environment Simple because they are influenced by alleles that are found in only one genetic chromosome-aka there can be only one phenotypic expression Contrasting forms=alleles Mendel-coined dominant and recessive TT and tt-homozygous Tt-heterozygous During formation of sex cells, alleles separate, and again are reunited during fertilization meiosis=called principle of segregation Mendel’s Heredity: There are factors that control heredity-these are called genes-these genes are inherited from each parent When there are two or more forms of a gene for a single trait some of those forms may be dominant, others will be recessive During the formation of reproductive cells, the two forms of each gene are segregated. Genes for different traits assort independently of each other-they are not
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2 - Mendel-mathematician/very intelligent-chose pea plants...

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