3 - maladaptive for brain-heavier takes more energy to...

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Classification-just makes everything easier Evolutionary systematics-assumes we can trace via homologous ancestors Look at derived traits-cladistics to find common origin -what was modified to give a better idea humans differ because of their big toe philogenetic-timeline continental drift-plate tectonics geographic isolation will result in speciation -also could be seasonal changes (but this is unlikely) -behavior-won’t mate -recognition concept-must recognize that it belongs with your genetic makeup species-biological definition-if two can mate and produce viable offspring How We Identify Species: -sexual dimorphism-looking at a male vs female -as environment and ecology change, animals must either move or natural selection will favor ones that have something adaptive
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Rain Shadow Effect-moist on left of mt and then arid/dry on right Mammal Evolution -got very characteristic and adaptive traits -flexible behavior -capacity to learn -replaced the reptiles -bigger brain=more space for neurons
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Unformatted text preview: maladaptive for brain-heavier, takes more energy to sustain it, longer pregnancy babies are born with 1.4 of brain developed age 10-not even at 75% long time of dependency-learn social, survival behaviors dentition-mammals are very distinct-mammals are heterodonts-reptiles are homodont look at dental formula therefore, mammals because they have more teeth can eat more things mammals have a constant body temperature-homeothermic humans are endothermic-our metabolic processes generate heat 3 Types of Mammals monotremes-animals that lay eggs-platypus, marsupials-give birth to live young, but they aren’t developed-pouch to finish growing placental mammals-humans-womb adaptive radiation-only works if theres potential for adaptation-if organism is too specialized –they don’t have very good adaptive potential and there must be right circumstances to work for them-specialized traits will develop later...
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3 - maladaptive for brain-heavier takes more energy to...

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