6 - 15:45 Paleocene Epoch-Plesiadapiforms-stem primate...

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15:45 Paleocene Epoch------Plesiadapiforms-stem primate (almost adept forms) Eocene Epoch----------Euprimates-early strepsirhinis and haplorhinis Oligocene Epoch--------- Catarrhines-precursors to monkeys and apes Miocene Epoch-----------monkeys and apes, first human-like creatures Pliocene Epoch-----------early hominins including australopithecines, famous lucy-precursors to humans Pleistocine Epoch-----------genus homo appears Holocene Epoch------------current times-fully modern humans figure 9.16=late Paleocene look up callitrichine based on fact that hand and feet resemble primates of today what is its locomotion look at fingers-flexible? Capable of grasping?-yes probably notice spine notice ankle claws or nails? Molars have a lower crown depth Tell diet by teeth-in this case, moves away from insects Determine whether or not it has dental comb, snout, etc Pg 262-both of family Adapidae 55-40 million years old
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tend to eat fruits, seeds, and insects look like lemurs but have shorter snouts
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6 - 15:45 Paleocene Epoch-Plesiadapiforms-stem primate...

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