Notes #3 - Neanderthals 19:43 400KYA-200KYA see differences...

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Neanderthals 19:43 400KYA-200KYA see differences in fossils homo sapiens like, but also homo erectus found in Eurasia archaic homo sapiens-variance in culture engaging in ceremonial activities evidence that they cared for disabled, elderly/people who could not take care of themselves definitely genus homo, found in southwest asia and Europe thicker bones hands and feet were wider and thicker-heavy use, lots of traveling skulls and faces were broad, large jaw, and large teeth very prominent supraorbital torus-ancestral with h erectus general archaic 1200CC-neaderthal was more Neanderthal-found in Germany by land workers Rationalization-human with pathology Finally got recognized-homo neadertalensis Law of superposition Nicholas Steno
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More skulls found in Belgium found in undisturbed cave similar to neanderthals-45KYA France-complete skeleton found-male 5’4”-60 years old 1600CC (ours is 1400-1450CC) projecting nose, high and round eye sockets, flat chekbones, no chin now, about 500 sample skulls technology-Mousterian tools sewing, leather, woodworking, hunting, small spear (not thrown) a lot of injuries (likely from hunting) lived in valleys hunted elephants, giant elk, bison antiquis-way bigger), cave bears BELIEFS-we believe they had intentional burial-seem to be positioned Long and low skulls, heads look heavy, but there are air pockets Huge noses Used teeth as tools-very worn Front are very large compared to back-we think they used them to hold objects Most were right handed Shovel shaped incisors Sometimes had additional cusps on molars
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Notes #3 - Neanderthals 19:43 400KYA-200KYA see differences...

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