notes2#5 - small brains small body size africanus-more...

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Must be bipedal-all are habitual and obligate All are found in Africa Most dramatic changes occurred in pelvis(broader and shorter-bowl shaped- attachment of gluteus maximus in different place Foramen magnum Spinal curve Inward ankling of femur-center of balance Longitudinal arch in foot Alignment of big toe All modifications are present in skeletons seen in Africa Pre-Australopithecines- 7billion-4.4 MYA Austreoplithicines-4.2-1.2 MYA Early Homo 2.4-1.4 MYA Pre-Australopithecines -1)chadensis-brain size 320-380 cm cubed-is small-large brow ridges-sagittal crest-large muscle attachments in back of the head-small face-front teeth were homininlike-non protruding face is derived feature-locomotion is unknown 2) orrorin tugenesis-hominin 3) ramidus-bipedal but opposable big toe, cranial base is flat (primitive), molars have thin enamel LUMPERS VS SPLITTERS Gracile: anamensis afarensis-semi sectorial first premolar, primitive cranial base, parallel teeth,
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Unformatted text preview: small brains, small body size africanus-more derived characteristics, 440CC cranial capacity-small brain robustus-huge premolars and molars, broad cheek bones, sagittal crest boisei-east Africa, 2 mya, cranial capacity 510-530 CC, sagittal crest, extremely robust, big teeth, probably sexual dimorphism---------------small face, thick enamel on molars, some canines are still big, some have sectorial lower first premolar Early Homo 2.4-2.3MYA more than one species? Increased brain size 631CC Paleoanthropologists are trained in archaeology-matrix (everything that surrounds the fossil), association (other items in the matrix), provenience (where it is located in the matrix), context (all of this information put together)-everything must be catalogued-where it was recovered time space depth, cleaning, preparing...
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notes2#5 - small brains small body size africanus-more...

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