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Encephalization Amount of brain mass exceeding total body mass Anthropocentric Considering human beings to be the most significant entity of the universe Altruism Selfless concern for the welfare of others Young lusty male or in the genes for survival of group Can be reciprocal Zygomatic Arch located on side of the head to help for chewing Bilophodont 4 cups situated in two parallel rows Y-5 molar Postcranial Orthograde Walking upright Ponograde Locomotion with body parallel to the ground/quadruped Last Common Ancestor Euprimate Modern primates Dental Ape
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Geological Age Dating Methods Ways in which to attempt to determine the age of something Relative Dating
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Unformatted text preview: • Chronometric (Absolute) Dating • Hominin • Humans and their bipedal ancestors since divergence from common ancestor Artifact • Portable object mae or altered in some way by a human Thermoluminescence (TL) • heat an object-it opens trap and electrons are released in forms of light and one can measure amount of light-see how many electrons were trapped and since we know the rate of accumulation, can work backwards and determine when last heating happened Biostratigraphy • Look at material within the strata Taphonomy • What happens to bones-why some preserved while some are not, why do they look that way Context...
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studyguide2part1 - • Chronometric(Absolute Dating •...

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